Everything is new again

It’s a new year and we are taking the opportunity to refresh our perspective, our offering, and even our website! It’s an exciting time in the event production world. We’ve been fortunate enough to play in this industry for the past three years as our company has grown, changed, and now stands, firmly planted in the Dallas / Fort Worth event industry.

The 2017 Collection

We’ve curated our 2017 line with an emphasis on saturated jewel tones, modern lines, mixed metals and luxe fabrics. Our collection stands out with statement pieces, which are transformative when infused into event and retail design plans. Interesting shapes, simple patterns and standout accents makes the Propmaker collection a sought after rental and production resource for designers.

We’re so honored by the company we keep!

Three years ago, when we opened our doors to Propmaker, we had no idea what we were getting into. We didn’t have a large Rolodex of contacts in the event space, clients lined up or pre-booked events. We were truly blind entering a brand new industry, coming off a long corporate marketing career. It was, to say the least, a leap of faith.